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Xiaomi Mi Ultra Short throw 5000 ANSI Lumens Laser Projector

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  • Can i install the Xiaomi Mi Laser Projector on the ceiling?

    The projector is suitable for putting on the table. If you want to install on the ceiling, you need to buy extra shelves.

  • What is the input voltage of Xiaomi Mi Laser Projector?

    200 – 240 V, 50 / 60 Hz.

  • What is the standby power consumption of it?

    Less than 0.5W.

  • Does Xiaomi Mi Laser Projector have keystone adjust function?

    Yes, it does.

  • What is the max distance of the projector and wall?

    You can put the projector at the front of wall 5 – 50cm.

  • How long the life time of Xiaomi Mi Laser Projector?

    More than 25000 hours.

  • Does Xiaomi Mi Laser Projector support decoding DTS?

    Yes, it supports decoding DTS and Dobly.

  • Will the laser hurt my eyes?

    It has anti direct-view sensor, which will protect your eyes.

  • How many cooling fans does it have?

    It has 3 cooling fans.

  • Can i connect it with my computer?

    Yes, you can connect it with your computer via HDMI port.

  • The projector’s remote is not working correctly, what can i do?

    Replace the remote’s batteries if necessary and
    make sure that you’re using it within its standard
    operating range (around 8 meters).

  • Why there is no sound coming from projector?

    Make sure that the audio hasn’t accidentally been
    muted by pressing the mute button, and if that doesn’t solve the problem then try turning up the volume. This
    problem can also possibly be solved by checking your
    audio input connection and adjusting your audio source.

  • The image being displayed by my projector is out of focus, how to solve it?

    Turn the projection lens until the image comes into
    focus and ensure that the projection screen is at least 1.2 meters from the projector. If these two steps don’t work then check your projection lens to see if it needs cleaning.

  • Only the projector’s start-up screen is displayed, what can i do?

    Check that all your cables are connected correctly
    and verify that the proper input source is set on your projector. Once you’ve done this, you may need to turn off everything and power up your equipment in the following order: projector, computer monitor, computer.

  • The projected image is too bright, how to fix it?

    You can run the projector lamp in “eco” mode. This mode is available in the projector settings and will run the lamp at a reduced brightness, this also extends the lifespan of the lamp.

  • Why the projected image is dim?

    Ensure there are no bright sources of light shining onto the Activboard. Projector lamps degrade over time, and may gradually dim. The lamp may be due for replacement.

  • Why the projected image appears to be a distorted shape?

    Press the keystone button on your remote control and use the arrow keys to reshape the image.

  • Why the projector isn’t displaying the entire computer screen?

    Ensure the computer is running in a suitable resolution for the projector.

  • The projected image is too big or too small, how to fix it?

    Fixed distance projectors can only resize the image by moving the projector forward or backwards on the projector mounting.

  • The projector displays the message “No Signal’, what is the problem?

    1. Check that the computer video cable is connected to both the computer and the projector, or any other video termination points along the cable path.

    2. Ensure the computer is in mirror / clone display mode.

    3. Press the “Computer” or “Input” button on the projector remote control to toggle to the correct input mode.

    4. Try another computer.

  • Why the image appears to be tinged yellow or purple, or appears “blotchy”?

    Try using another computer video cable, the projector may need cleaning.

  • Price: 1959.00


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