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ID107 Smart Bluetooth Watch

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GearbestÁr 21.5 USD

Main Features:

• nRF51822 chip and Bluetooth 4.0 technology: Adopt nRF51822 chip and Bluetooth 4.0 technology that it can quickly and efficiently meet the needs of your life.

• Heart rate monitoring: Measure the value of your heart rate, let you know about your heart rate during sports.

• Pedometer / Sleep monitoring / Sedentary reminder: Your private management expert, monitor the daily movement, the quality of your sleep and remind you to have a rest. Enjoy unfettered moment while helping you achieve your health goals.

• Distance measurement: Measure your daily walking distance precisely.

• Calorie consumption management: Calculate the consumption of calorie, record the daily burned calorie.

• Remote camera: Can control your smart phone to take photos, and you can enjoy the pleasure on your wrist.

• Call reminder: When a call is coming, you can check it without taking out of your mobile phone.

• Anti-lost: Unique proximity sensor system, take good care of your smart watch and phone.

• Normal using time: about 3 – 5 days, standby time: about 7 days.

• It can be set 10 alarm clocks.

• Only can use the APP called VERYFIT.

• The battery is not detachable.

FAQ for Smart Watch and Wristband

1. Q: I can’t charge my watch / bracelet and it doesn’t power on, what should I do?

A: If this is the first time you’ve charged your watch / bracelet, please use the adapter to power it, charge it for more than 3 hours, then press the button to start it;

If you have not used the watch / bracelet for a long time without charging it, the battery would have opened the UVP function. In this situation, you need to activate the battery before using. (You can go to the phone repair shop to activate the battery).

2. Q: Why can’t I connect with Bluetooth?

A: 1. If the phone’s Bluetooth version is lower than the watch’s / bracelet’s, they will

not be able to pair;

2. If the phone’s Bluetooth version is equal to or higher than the watch’s / bracelet’s, but is initially unable to pair, then you need to clear the Bluetooth connection history on the phone, scan and re-connect again.

3. Q: The watch / bracelet icon shows that it has paired over Bluetooth, however the APP cannot sync data. How do I resolve this?

A: Generally it is caused by the Bluetooth of the phone. Please close the APP first, restart the Bluetooth connection and re-pair the two devices. If the above step does not work, please restart your phone and try to pair the devices again.

4. Q: Why does my watch / bracelet frequently lose connection with my phone?

A: Please check if your phone or other security software has set the APP as a trusted APP or not. This is required to pair the two devices. If it hasn’t, please set it as trusted APP and try again.

5. Q: Why am I unable to connect with the APP?

A: Please making sure the OS of your phone is within the range that the smart watch / bracelet supports.

Price: 21.5


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